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I'll give you all the SPACE you need!

I launched Social Proof Action Cards Easy (SPACE) at the beginning of 2020 to empower people with the ability to insert their custom text and images into these cleverly created; social media, smartphone and internet tech themed motion cards that I designed simply using Keynote and PowerPoint.

Needless to say, the world shut down shortly after that launch back in 2020, and (like most of the world) my focused shifted to the more pressing matters in life. I'm back with a fresh perspective on many things, and this project is no different.

My mission in creating SPACE is to empower you with the ability to customize these fully optimized motion graphics to your specifications and simply save them as a dynamic GIF, VIDEO, .KEY or .PPTX files to show off to your business, professional or educational audiences! If you didn't know that you could create software within software, then now you know!

Your Keynote and PowerPoint software is extremely powerful and has been time tested as the go-to presentation builders for 'you name it' industry for decades now. I've discovered many utilities for both of the aforementioned softwares (SPACE being the most recent) whilst simultaneously creating quite a few presentation themes that institutions all over the world use to get their points across.

I'm opening the forum to listen to the community to see what other actions you'd like me to create for this pack before I officially relaunch SPACE into the world. Below you'll find all of the current actions, but If you have any suggestions, I want to hear them! Leave your comments in the comment section down below!

Please be very specific as a general request for an 'Instagram Card' doesn't tell me exactly what you'd like the card to do. You could say, "Show the double tap feature to like a picture motion" (which is currently in the works for the update!) Also, keep in mind that any text or any image can be interchanged with what you see. It's the exact same software as Keynote or PowerPoint, only these looks way more awesome and you can easily modify these cards. You're welcome ;)

Tweet Card (Simulates a Tweet)

Zoom Card (Simulates a Zoom call)

Coding Card Static (Can show examples of code)

Tik Tok Card (Shows interaction with interface)

Notepad Card (Simulates a note being written)

Camera Phone Card (Simulates a picture being taken)

Crypto Transaction Card (Simulates a successful crypto transaction)

Instagram Card Light (Simulates a picture like)

Instagram Card Night (Simulates a picture like)

Dating App Card (Simulates the matching element)

Youtube Comment Card (Simulates the comment section)

Twitter Spaces Card (Simulates a Twitter Spaces meeting)

Twitter Notes Card (Simulates a busy dashboard)

Messages Card (Simulates a message thread)

With your purchase you receive either the Keynote or PowerPoint version with a detailed help file, and future updates to the card you purchased. If you purchased the entire pack, then you will receive future updates to the entire pack no matter how many additional cards are added.

The pack currently has 13 total cards:

  1. Twitter Card (with white background variation)
  2. Zoom Card (with animation variation)
  3. Coding Card
  4. Tik Tok Card
  5. Notepad Card
  6. Camera Phone Card (with white background variation)
  7. Crypto Transaction Card
  8. Instagram Card (with white background variation)
  9. Dating App Card
  10. Youtube Comment Card
  11. Twitter Spaces Card
  12. Twitter Notes Card
  13. Messages Card

I'm ready to give you all the SPACE you need, so check out my prelaunch pricing!

  • $7 per individual card
  • $50 for the entire pack (save $41)
  • $10 monthly for the technical takeover package. ***** With the technical takeover package, you get your very own SPACE cadet to modify the; text, imagery or animation for any card and delivered back to you in either; Keynote, PowerPoint, MOV, JPG, PDF or GIF format within minutes.
  • $79 annually for the technical takeover package (save $41)

Prices are subject to increase as I add more cards, so lock in your pricing today! You'll see a subscribe button at the top (or bottom) of this post. Subscribe for SPACE updates and I will email you with presale coupon!

With your purchase of either an individual SPACE card or the entire pack, you get this too... Enjoy!



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Indie Worldwide šŸŒ

These look sick, good job Dion

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Dion LynkCreator

Thanks for that! I'm thinking of many types of actions that people want to interact with, so if you have any ideas, chime in as this is designed by a person, but made for the people!


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